Beginnings and Vision

To cultivate globally mobile and cross-disciplinary high level talents for Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, government leadership and outstanding talents in the semiconductor industry have worked hard together to integrate with the resources of National Chiao Tung University College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, College of Engineering and College of Science to establish the International College of Semiconductor Technology, NCTU in 2015. The first college in the world that is oriented toward the semiconductor industry, NCTU adopted the early experience of National Chiao Tung University in successfully building a school based on electronics and information. This vertically integrated cross-disciplinary college comprising the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Electronics, Electrical Engineering), the College of Engineering (Materials, Machinery) and the College of Science (Electrophysics, Applied Chemistry) is founded on existing electronics, materials and machinery teaching and research. It aims to cultivate high-level talents with globally mobile, employable and cross-disciplinary capabilities. The ultimate goal of the College is for the “college to lead the industry, and for the industry to support the college so that Taiwan can become a leader in international semiconductor technology and hold a key position in emerging technology industries”. It is hoped that the National Chiao Tung University can be a Great University that creates innovation, become a visionary world-class semiconductor research and development center, and become a new cradle for cultivating semiconductor technology talents who span eras.