Greetings from the Dean

International College of Semiconductor Technology (ICST) was established in 2015 and it is the only one in Taiwan. the semiconductor technology is the largest industry in Taiwan, and it is also the most internationally competitive one. The semiconductor technology encompasses plenty of fields e.g., IC, electro-optical industry, MEMS, energy, and the high-profile bio-technology nowadays.

“To pour the newly-international talented to Taiwan, let the Taiwan talented show up to the world” is our idea. We conduct all courses in English and actively invite international scholar to be the joint professor and to teach the world-advanced semiconductor research. We have invited Professor Hsiang-Tsung Kung and Chenming Hu from National Academy of Engineering, Professor King-Ning Tu from UCLA, and Professor Hiroshi Iwai from Tokyo Institute of Technology so far.

International Joint and Dual Degrees is one of our colleague’s features. We have signed dual degree programs with UCLA, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Technology etc. As long as you pass the examination, you may have the double degrees when you graduate.

Except professors and joint degree programs, industrial cooperation is one of main parts. We collaborate with leading industrial companies to set up research centers for promoting program of cultivating the talented. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Limited (TSMC), Hermes-Epitek, and Delta Electronics, Inc.(DELTA) etc. support colleague’s projects.

ICST is like a treasure basin. We gather international scholars and advanced industrial companies to do the deeply advanced research for recruiting motivated students from the world.


Professor Edward-Yi Chang
Dean, International College of Semiconductor Technology, NCTU