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About Us

  In the past, the development of the semiconductor industry followed Moore's Law (a miniature of device size for one generation every two years) for years. However, for the current components scale of 20 nm or less, industries are facing challenges in the physical component, process control, and cost-effective. Especially the technology below 10 nm is so far unanswered, which is currently the biggest worry for Taiwan's semiconductor industry. In order to continue leading the international semiconductor industry, Taiwan must actively invest R & D and cultivation of talent so we can remain our competitive in the field.

  National Chiao Tung University founded the International college of the semiconductor technology (ICST) which is positioned as an international institute of industry-oriented to research and development of semiconductor technology. The final goal of ICST is to develop the advance semiconductor technology, cultivation of the semiconductor talents, high salaries recruitment for the semiconductor people with international reputation, cooperation with the industry, and recruitment for the international students who is dedicated to semiconductor technology.