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Dean's Message

  In 2015, Taiwan’s one and only international college of semiconductor technology was established in NCTU.

  Currently, the semiconductor technology is undoubtedly the largest industry in Taiwan, and it is also the most internationally competitive one. The semiconductor technology encompasses a great deal of fields; e.g., IC, electro-optical industry, MEMS, energy, and the bio-technology which draws much attention recently. The semiconductor technology provides key technologies and devices to many emerging industries, and it is the foundation of many advanced technologies as well. To tackle the challenges we’re facing in the semiconductor technology, we need to be more active in investing R&D sectors and cultivating potential talents. It is only by doing so, that we can make ourselves outstanding in the international community. The development of NCTU’s International College of Semiconductor Technology focuses on the major ideas, industrialization and internationalization. Our ultimate goal is to improve the growth of this industry, while the industry offers our college sufficient support. Together, we could grab the chance to forge our leading position around the globe.

  For internationalization, our college employs renowned scholars and enrolls ambitious international students who are interested in semiconductor researches. With their efforts, our college is now focusing on improving international semiconductor technologies and developing advanced technologies. For industrialization, in order to retain the competitiveness of our domestic high-tech industries in the international community, we actively cultivate our domestic research elites, encouraging them to contribute themselves in this industry. By doing so, our college has created lots of job opportunities for Taiwan’s semiconductor industrial chain. A successful example of internationalization can be seen in the foundation of the international research center co-founded by NCTU, UC Berkeley and TSMC. The International College of Semiconductor Technology of NCTU is a vertically integrated and interdisciplinary college, including the College of Electrical and Engineering, the College of Engineering, and the College of Science. Besides, we seek cooperation with prestigious research institutes and corporations. Hopefully, with these great efforts, we could build a leading position of the semiconductor devices and researches, as well as high level manufacturing technologies in the world.

  I sincerely hope the foundation of this college would yield a positive influence to help breeding our domestic interdisciplinary talents in the semiconductor industry. Let us work together and make our successful research results widespread, so that we can comprehensively develop our domestic semiconductor technologies, and consolidate out leading status in this industry.
Professor Edward-Yi Chang
Dean, International College of Semiconductor Technology, NCTU