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  International College of Semiconductor Technology institute to foster internationalization and industrialization of top talent for teaching purposes. Expect to foster forward-looking R & D engineers of solid-state electronic components and materials, the talent of developing advanced semiconductor research process precision machinery and personnel of ability to innovate, research and design heterogeneous integration platform. Providing the training of foreign language and legal knowledge of technology with excellent education and research training environment. Specific plans are as follows:
(A) Create a bilingual teaching and research environment: A professional full English curriculum supplemented by the Chinese university teaching center helps expatriates put themselves in domestic industries and also enhance domestic students towards internationalization.
(B) Complete semiconductor educational research system: Establishing the environment of teaching and researching for master, doctor and even postdoctoral researcher and providing the opportunity to learn the top technology of semiconductor industry.
(C) the establishment of an open lab offers world-class hardware software: Support of the College, the technical park surrounding the semiconductor industry and the research personnel stationed domestic and abroad in a prospective study.
(D) Hiring the internationally renowned scholars as visiting professor and working with the postdoctoral researcher and various research groups in NCTU engage in semiconductor prospective study to further promote the visibility of the semiconductor industry and research in NCTU on the international level for its important mission.
(E) Promoting international exchanges and cooperation between graduate students and professors with seminars, visits and dual-degree process.
(F) With industry and research institutions at home and abroad to establish close cooperation: Inviting the doctor-class R & D offered from the industry to the teaching team of the college to guide students with the joint appointment. And invited engineers and R & D personnel offered from the industry to involve in special studies of semiconductors. Shortening the distance by the close of the long-term exchange between the semiconductor academic research and industry research on development of conception.