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  Taiwan is an island which lack of natural resources. However, through the cultivation of talent, leading by government and industrial elite's effort, the knowledge produces one Taiwanese economical pillar, semiconductor industry. Semiconductor industry is most large in the world. It includes many industrial field, such as IC, photoelectric, micro electric mechanical system (MEMS), energy, even bio technology. The semiconductor industry offers many emerging industries critical technique and components. Therefore, not only advanced countries but also advancing countries take the semiconductor industry as an important field of country development.

  According this reason, the development of International College of Semiconductor Technology, NCTU is based on industrial oriented positioning. The college tries to cultivate talent who has global moving, employ-ability and interdisciplinary ability and take the "industrialize" and "globalize" as the important developing part. The college looks for goal that "college leads industry, industry supports college and make Taiwan act a leader in the semiconductor field in the world
." Actively make effort to get internal cooperation's support. In the end of 2013, we tendered the proposal of the establishment of International College of Semiconductor Technology to ministry of education. We want to build the creative, novel and global semiconductor research center and the cradle of semiconductor technology talent.