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Program of Heterogeneous Integration and Microsystem Engineering

  In this sector, we would conduct research in the fields of Research and Development of Key Fabrication Technologies, System Design, Simulation, Integration and Metrology, and Technologies for Photonic System on Chip PsoC.

  Our future plan would be focusing on developing the design, process, simulation, test, and reliability analysis in the heterogeneous integration system. In addition, we plan to do long-term researches in the fields of biomedicine, electronic, mechanics, sensing, and A.I. Furthermore, we also set goals in developing novel MEMS and microsystems technologies. By doing do, we might be capable of applying these achievements to the application, process and design of our products. Besides, our research also includes the development of 3D IC and other related studies, especially the integration of advanced technologies such as TSV, wafer bonding, and wafer thinning. Moreover, our members put a lot of emphasis on circuit design and other joint issues, such as the stress researches in heat and electricity. All these are beneficial to further research in the functional models of new integrated integration.
  Our research encompasses multiple themes, for example, MEMS and advanced semiconductor fabrication, etc. Therefore, our members are dedicated to the R&D of emerging key fabrication technologies, the integration of systems and devices, the development of measurement technologies, the development and application of chip technology in heterogeneous system integration. In early stages, we would be mainly focusing on producing products which were processed through semiconductor micromachining technology, such as the MEMS, 3D IC, and advanced semiconductor technology products. Plus, qualities like light weight, thin thickness, short length, small size and high integration are fundamental goals. Taking these goals into consideration, we hope in the future, we would be able to include consumer electronics and biomedical products as our research items.