Prospective students: Strong ambitions in the semiconductor-related research and development. 
Our educational goal: "Internationalization" and "Industrialization" are our goals to cultivate the top talents with the following R&D professionals.
  • Solid-state electronic devices and materials
  • Precision machinery and semiconductor equipment
  • Heterogeneous integration and microsystem engineering

Our future development: "Industrialization" and "Internationalization" are the two main goals for this college.
  • “The college leads the industries and the industries support the college, we together create Taiwan's leadership in international semiconductor areas”. In order to reach this goal, our college will actively collaborate with the industry partners.
  • “Internationalize the college and international collaborations support the colleges, further creating a leading position in semiconductor industries". In order to reach this goal, our college will continuously seek international collaborations.

Semiconductor professionals demand: Semiconductor is the lifeblood of Taiwan.
In recent years, semiconductor professional engineers are highly in-demand. Such situation will become more serious due to the decreasing birth rate in the recent years.  
On the other hand, Taiwan's semiconductor market shares in the world continuously grow. In order to address the issues of talent demand and help Taiwan’s industries to develop the next generation technologies, our college will cultivate high-level talents for the semiconductor industries and actively recruit international students for Taiwan's semiconductor industries.