Prof. Kuei Ann Wen is currently the Vice Dean of R&D division and chief executive officer of Strategic Development Office, National Chiao Tung University. Dr. Wen’s research interests are in the areas of SoC design for wireless communications including RF and baseband design as well as wireless sensor node and related applications for healthcare, interne of the thing and green energy. She covers and enhances the curriculum for SoC integration, VLSI computing and signal processing, MEMS sensor and RF wireless communications.  
  She has been involved in many synergetic activities. Since 1997, she led an wireless consortium with more than 65 local companies to promote wireless related researches including Bluetooth,802.11a/b/g, UWB as well as WiMAX. During 2002, she led Academic Excellent Project sponsored by minister of education with grant doing advanced communication researches. In 2003, she initiated National Sisoft Project under the coordination of Executive Yuan to promote SoC development. In 2005, she initiated National SoC Project under the coordination of National Science Consul to promote SoC research and development. In 2006, she initiated SIPP(SoC Innovative Product Partnership) project coordinate the eco-system in Science Park for sensor related applications system development. In 2007, she initiated an R&D projects including the joint development with local semiconductor manufactures for mixed signal MEMS development, it is under the coordination of Minister of Economic affairs.
  • Experience
    • Vice Dean, International College of Semiconductor Technology, NCTU, 2016~Now
    • Executive Director, Strategic Development Office,  NCTU, 2012~Now
    • Associate Vice President for Research and Development, Office of Research and Development, NCTU, 2011~Now
    • Vice Dean, College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NCTU, 2007~2009
    • Chief Director, Division of Intellectual Property & Technology transfer in Office of Research and Development, NCTU2002~2004
    • Professor, Dept. & Inst. of Electronics Engineering, NCTU, 1995~Now
    • Chief Director, Center for Alumni Communication, NCTU, 1995~1998
    • Associate Professor, Department of Electronics Engineering, NCTU1989~1995
  • Education
    • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, NCKU