Adjunct Professor

  • Name : Rinaldo Garziera
  • Job Title : Professor
  • Email :  
  • Office Tel No. :  
  • Research Expertise :
    Robotics, Vibrations in mechanisms and their control, Gas lubrication in bearings, Motion laws, Vibration of special components and moving continuous systems, Mechanical characterizations of devices, Identification of significant parameters in evaluating the integrity of historical buildings and Oscillation control of building in presence of earth-quake.
  • Name : Chung-Er Huang
  • Job Title : Assistant Professor
  • Email : cehuang@g2.nctu.edu.tw
  • Office Tel No. : 03-6105568
  • Research Expertise : • High-speed semiconductors processing, simulation and device modeling.
    • Design and implementation of RF circuits and SiP ( System-in-Package)
    • Develop nanostructure materials and microfluidic platforms for molecular diagnostics and therapeutics