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TSMC Challenges Research Centers Education/Research Goals Research Topics
Beyond Roadmap ULSI Technology Advanced Electronic  Devices and Materials Cultivate engineers/scientists for advanced electronic devices and materials. Enabling students to become experts in electronic device with deep knowledge in quantum physics, materials science and nanometer process technology; and with a creative and forward looking mindset.
  • QM enabled nano-transistors
  • Nano-memory devices on ULSI
  • Heterogeneous junctions and materials technology
  • Synapse-like computation elements
  • 4D and full wave dynamic/kinetic nano-transistor modeling and simulations
More Moore Advanced ULSI processing tools and infrastructure  Cultivate advanced semiconductor process and manufacturing engineers, with a deep understanding on  ULSI fabrication tools and lithography; with a goal to establish a competitive domestic workforce for advanced ULSI manufacturing tools production.
  • ULSI process Integration
  • Advanced ULSI fabrication tool development and precision control
  • Integrated electro-mechanical-optical process equipment
  • Beyond EUV lithograph processes and Design Tools
More than Moore Ultra-scaled systems with Heterogeneous Integration Cultivate device/nano-system engineers with strong interdisciplinary background; capable of innovations based on heterogeneous materials/interconnect/ system integration on novel yet realistic manufacturing platform.
  • Key process integration technology research and development
  • 3D heterogeneous ULSI systems
  • Photonic IC/Interconnect integration on ULSI platform
  • Ultra-compact high performance  system scaling