NCTU-IIT Delhi Bilateral Workshop Agenda_1218

NCTU-IIT Delhi Bilateral Workshop, Hsinchu, Taiwan


09:00    Opening Remark
    "NCTU/Dep. Material Eng VP Prof. Edward Yi Chang"

Session I: Nanoelectronic Device (I)

    Chair: Prof. Tuo-Hung Hou

09:10    High Performance Junctionless Nanowie FET for Optoelectronic and Quantum Electronic Devices
    "IITD/Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Prof. Samaresh Das"
09:35    S/D and Gate Dielectric Engineering for Ge MOSFETs
    "NCTU/Dep. Electronics Eng Prof. Chao-Hsin Chien"
10:00    Innovative Ge Quantum Dot Functional Sensing/Metrology Devices
    "NCTU/Dep. Electronics Eng Prof. Pei-Wen Li"

10:25    Break
Session II: RF Device/Design
    Chair: Prof. Horng-Chih Lin
10:50    High-Voltage Device/Circuit Design for Integrated RF Applications
    "IITD/Centre for Applied Research in Electronics Prof. Ankur Gupta"
11:15    Millimeter-wave RFIC Design and Implementation Using Advanced Device Technologies
    "NCTU/International College of Semiconductor Technology Prof.  Heng-Tung Hsu"
11:40    Development and Applications of High-Frequency Characterization Techniques
    "National Nano Device Laboratories Deputy Director General Dr. Guo-Wei Huang"

12:05    Lunch                        

Session III: Nanoelectronic Device (II)
    Chair: Prof. Pei-Wen Li
13:55    Research Advances of 3D IC and Heterogeneous Integration
    "NCTU/Dep. Electronics Eng Prof. Kuan-Neng Chen"
14:20    New Approach and the Phase Transformation Kinetics of Silicide Formation in Si Nanowires
    "NCTU/Dep. Electrophysics Prof. Yi-Chia Chou"
14:45    Resistive Memory (RRAM) for Data Centric and Neuromorphic Computing
    "NCTU/Dep. Electronics Eng Prof. Tuo-Hung Hou"

Session IV: Metal & Bio Materials
    Chair: Yuan-Chieh Tseng
13:30    Microstructure-property Correlation and Stress Relaxation Effects in FCC and HCP Metals
    "IITD/Dep. Applied Mechanics Prof. Jayant Jain"
13:55    Advanced Photon Source for High Entropy Alloys & Metal Additive Manufacturing Research
    "NCTU/Dep. Material Eng Prof. E-Wen Huang"
14:20    Recombinant Proteins: Drugs to Molecular Devices
    "IITD/Dep. Biochemical Eng and Biotech Prof. Prashant Mishra"
14:45    Functional Nanomedicines in Biomedical Application for Tumor Treatment
    "NCTU/Dep. Material Eng Prof. San-Yuan Chen"

15:10    Break

15:30    Lab Tour/Field Trip

18:30    Dinner


Session V: Low-Dimensional Physics (I)
    Chair: Prof. Wu-Ching Chou
09:00    Nanoscale Interface and Charge Transfer in 2D Layers based Junction and Solar Cell Device
    "IITD/Dep. Physics Prof. B. R. Mehta"
09:25    High-sensitive Magnetic Field Sensing based on Semiconductor Heterostructures
    "IITD/Dep. Physics Prof. Pintu Das"
09:50    Complete Electron Transport Behavior of Few-layer MoS2
    "NCTU/Dep. Electrophysics Prof. Wen-Bin Jian"

Session VI: Optoelectronics
    Chair: Prof. Kien Wen Sun
09:00    Wide-band-gap Oxide Films and their Optical Properties
    "NCTU/Dep. Electronics Eng Prof. Ray-Hua Horng"
09:25    Perovskite Solar Cells based on Hybrid Perovskite/Graphene Oxide Composites
    "NCTU/Dep. Applied Chemistry Prof. Wei-Guang Diau"
09:50    Practical Implementation of Third-generation Solar Cell Ideas by Adopting Nano-photonics Concepts
    "IITD/ Centre for Energy Studies Prof. Vamsi K. Komarala"
10:15    Break

Session VII:
Low-Dimensional Physics (II)
    Chair: Prof.  Wen-Bin Jian
10:45    Heterostructures and Interfaces of Quantum Materials
    "NCTU/Institute of Physics Prof. Jiunn-Yuan Lin"
11:10    Molecular Beam Epitaxy for the Application in Spintronics and High Frequency Electronic Devices
    "NCTU/Dep. Electrophysics Prof.  Wu-Ching Chou"
Session VIII: Functional Materials
    Chair: Prof. Wei-Guang Diau
10:45    Fabrication and Morphology Control of Polymer Nanomaterials
    "NCTU/Dep. Applied Chemistry Prof. Jiun-Tai Chen"
11:10    Structural and Photo-Physical Properties of CH3NH3PbBr3 Single Crystal Perovskite
    "NCTU/Dep. Applied Chemistry Prof. Kien Wen Sun"

11:35    Lunch

Session IX: Nano-Optics
    Chair: Prof. Albert Lin
13:30    Flexible SERS Active Substrates for Biosensing Applications Fabricated by Glancing Angle Deposition
    "IITD/Dep. Physics Prof. J.P. Singh"
13:55    Optics in Material Science: From Ultra-Fast timescales to Ultra-High Pressures
    "IITD/ Dep. Physics Prof. Amartya Sengupta"
14:20    Time-resolved Spectroscopy in Emergent Crystalline Materials
    "NCTU/Dep. Electrophysics Prof. Chih-Wei Luo"

14:45    Break

Session X: Solar Cell
    Chair: Prof. Chih-Wei Luo
15:15    High Performance Polymer Solar Cells based on Donor-acceptor Conjugated Polymer and Crosslinkable Fullerene Derivatives
    "NCTU/Dep. Applied Chemistry Prof. Chain-Shu Hsu"
15:40    Nano-photonics for Energy Harvesting and Sensing
    "NCTU/Dep. Electronics Eng Prof. Albert Lin"

16:30    Break

16:50    Round-table Discussion

18:30    Dinner