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電子郵件 wbjian@mail.nctu.edu.tw
聯絡電話 +886-3-571-2121 ext. 56159, 56183, 56190
個人網址 http://nqpl.ep.nctu.edu.tw/
Dr. Wen-Bin Jian got his PhD degree in Physics from National Taiwan University, Taiwan in 2002. He then took postdoctoral researcher positions of Academia Sinica (Taiwan) in 2002 and of Advanced Materials Research Institute, University of New Orleans (New Orleans USA) in 2003. He joined Department of Physics, National Chung Hsing University as an assistant professor in August 2003. In August 2004, he was recruited as an assistant professor by Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). He got promoted to a full professor of Department of Electrophysics NCTU in August 2011. In 2014 summer, he got Zasshikai Lectureship, awarded by Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo, Japan. He was appointed as the director for division of research and planning, office of research and development NCTU since February 2015.
Dr. Jian was in the research field of surface science since his doctoral training time. He was an expert in scanning tunneling microscope. In addition, he designed and home-made the nanoscale microscopes. In his postdoctoral period, Dr. Jian switched his directions to nanoscience. He worked with Prof. Jiye Fang and characterized magnetic properties of semiconductor nanoparticles using Quantum Design MPMS. In 2003 he established a laboratory, named Nano and Quantum Phenomena Laboratory, in Taiwan ROC, and started three major fields including the investigation of ferromagnetism in Co-doped ZnO nanowires, field-effect device and electron transport in nanowires and self-assembled nanoparticles, and home-made instruments.
Dr. Jian’s current research interests are electron systems in two-dimensional (2D) materials, like graphene, MoS2, black phosphorous, WSe2 …. He made field-effect devices for studying electron transport and made tunneling junctions for probing density of sates in 2D materials. He also made memory devices using biomaterials - Ni-DNA (in cooperation with Prof. Chia-Ching Chang). In addition to research work, he designed commercial equipment, such as scanning tunneling microscope, demagnetizer, electro-explored nanoparticle generator … Dr. Jian published 49 peer-reviewed papers in international journals, including Nano Lett., ACS Nano, Nanoscale, Phys. Rev. Lett., J. Am. Chem. Soc. The total citation number of all the publications is about 950, giving an average citation of 19. His h-index is currently 16.
年度 論文名稱
2015 Welley Loc, Zewei Quan, Cuikun Lin, Jinfong Pan, Yuxuan Wang, Kaikun Yang, Wen-Bin Jian, Bo Zhao, Howard Wang and Jiye Fang, Facet-Controlled Facilitation of PbS Nanoarchitectures by Understanding Nanocrystal Growth, Nanoscale 7 (45), 19047-19052 (2015).
2015 Yen-Fu Lin,* Chia-Hung Chang, Tsu-Chang Hung, Wen-Bin Jian,* Kazuhito Tsukagoshi, Yue-Han Wu, Li Chang, Zhaoping Liu & Jiye Fang, Nanocontact Disorder in Nanoelectronics for Modulation of Light and Gas Sensitivities, Scientific Report 5, 13035 (2015).
2015 Chuan-Min Fu, Kai-Sheng Jeng , Yu-Hsun Li , Yuan-Chen Hsu , Mu-Huan Chi , Wen-Bin Jian , Jiun-Tai Chen, Effects of Thermal Annealing and Solvent Annealing on the Morphologies and Properties of Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanowires, Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 216 (1), 59-68 (Jan 2015).
2015 Shou-Jyun Zou, Sheng-Tsung Wang, Ming-Fan Wu, Wen-Bin Jian, and Shun-Jen Cheng, Exposure of the Hidden Anti-ferromagnetism in Paramagnetic CdSe:Mn Nanocrystals, ACS Nano 9 (1), 503-511 (Jan 2015).
2014 Mahito Yamamoto,* Sheng Tsung Wang, Meiyan Ni, Yen-Fu Lin, Song-Lin Li, Shinya Aikawa, Wen-Bin Jian, Keiji Ueno, Katsunori Wakabayashi, and Kazuhito Tsukagosh, Strong Enhancement of Raman Scattering from a Bulk-Inactive Vibrational Mode in Few-Layer MoTe2, ACS Nano 8 (4), 3895-3903 (2014).
2014 Yen-Fu Lin,* Yong Xu, Sheng-Tsung Wang, Song-Lin Li, Mahito Yamamoto, Alex Aparecido-Ferreira, Wenwu Li, Huabin Sun, Shu Nakaharai, Wen-Bin Jian, Keiji Ueno, and Kazuhito Tsukagoshi, Ambipolar MoTe2 Transistors and Their Applications in Logic Circuits, Adv. Mater. 26 (20), 3263-3269 (2014).
2014 Hsueh-Liang Chu, Shao-Chien Chiu, Ching-Feng Sung, Wellen Tseng, Yu-Chuan Chang, Wen-Bin Jian,* Yu-Chang Chen,* Chiun-Jye Yuan, Hsing-Yuan Li, Frank X. Gu, Massimiliano Di Ventra, and Chia-Ching Chang, Programmable Redox State of the Nickel Ion Chain in DNA, Nano Lett. 14 (2), 1026 – 1031 (2014).
2013 Shao-Chien Chiu, Jia-Sin Jhang, Jenn-Fang Chen, Jiye Fang, and Wen-Bin Jian, Effects of Cross-Sectional Area on The Tunneling-Junction Array in Octahedral PbSe Colloidal-Quantum-Dot Solids, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 15 (38), 16127 – 16131 (2013).
2013 Shao-Chien Chiu, Jia-Sin Jhang, Yen-Fu Lin, Shih-Ying Hsu, Jiye Fang, and Wen-Bin Jian, Nanocrystal shape and nanojunction effects on electron transport in nanocrystal-assembled bulks, Nanoscale 5, 8555-85559 (2013).
2013 Kamatchi Jothiramalingam Sankaran, Yen-Fu Lin, Wen-Bin Jian, Huang-Chin Chen, Kalpataru Panda, Balakrishnan Sundarave Chung-Li Dong, Nyan-Hwa Tai* and I-Nan Lin, Structural and Electrical Properties of Conducting Diamond Nanowires, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 5, 1294-1301 (2013).
2013 Yen-Fu Lin,* Sheng-Tsung Wang, Chia-Chen Pao, Ya-Chi Lee, Cheng-Chieh Lai, Chung-Kuan Lin, Shih-Ying Hsu, and Wen-Bin Jian, Probing into the metal-graphene interface by electron transport measurements, Appl. Phys. Lett. 102, 033107 (2013).
2012 Sheng-Tsung Wang, Yen-Fu Lin, Ya-Chi Li, Pei-Ching Yeh, Shiow-Jing Tang, Baruch Rosenstein, Tai-Hsin Hsu, Xufeng Zhou, Zhaoping Liu, Minn-Tsong Lin, and Wen-Bin Jian, Direct probing of density of states of reduced graphene oxides in a wide voltage range by tunneling junction, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 183110 (2012).
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2012 Yen-Fu Lin,* Shao-Chien Chiu, Sheng-Tsung Wang, Sheng-KaI Fu, Chien-Hsiang Chen, Wen-Jia Xie, Sheng-Hsiung Yang, Chain-Shu Hsu, Jenn-Fang Chen, Xufeng Zhou, Zhaoping Liu, Jiye Fang, and Wen-Bin Jian, Dielectrophoretic Placement of Quasi-Zero-, One-, and Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials into Nanogap for Electrical Characterizations, Electrophoresis 33, 2475–2481 (2012).
2011 Dmitry Yu. Protasov,* Wen-Bin Jian, Kirill A. Svit, Tatyana A. Duda, Sergei A. Teys, Anton S. Kozhuhov, Larisa L. Sveshnikova, Konstantin S. Zhuravlev, Formation of Arrays of Free Standing CdS Quantum Dots Using the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique, J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 20148-20152 (2011).
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年度 計畫名稱 參與人 職稱/擔任之工作 計畫期間 補助/委託或合作機構
2015 Electronic structures of self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots and the development of opto- and spin-electronics 2015.08.11 ~ 2018.07.11 國科會
2015 Construction of Research-Version Scanning Tunneling Microscope (Phase II) 2015.07.11 ~ 2016.06.11 Nanovie Co. Ltd.
2015 壓電步進致動器模組開發 2015.02.11 ~ 2015.07.11 金屬工業研究發展中心
2014 Fundamental physics - Schwinger pair creation, Dirac particles’ band gap - in partially oxidized graphene 2014.08.11 ~ 2017.07.11 國科會
2014 Development of Demagnetizer for Removing Data in Hard Disk 2014.06.11 ~ 2015.12.11 潘朵拉科技有限公司
2013 Development of Image Processing Program for Atomic Force Microscope 2013.08.11 ~ 2014.12.11 嘉原科技股份有限公司
2013 Construction of Research-Version Scanning Tunneling Microscope(Phase I) 2013.06.11 ~ 2013.08.11 Nanovie Co. Ltd.
2012 Graphene Screening and Separation Method and Device
2011 Nano and Electron-Beam Lithography Approach to Discovery of Novel Phenomena – Disorder Filter, Artificial Atom, Luttinger Liquid, and Ferromagnetic Nanocontact 2011.08.11 ~ 2014.07.11 國科會
2011 Schottky Barrier Height Tuning To Reduce Contact Resistance Of FET Source / Drain 2011.02.11 ~ 2012.01.11 台灣積體電路製造股份有限公司
2010 Development of Green Energy Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Scientific Research 2010.06.11 ~ 2011.05.11 國科會
2010 Development of Green Energy Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Scientific Research 2010.06.11 ~ 2011.05.11 Nanovie Co. Ltd.
2009 Design of New Functions for Educational Scanning Microscope 2009.10.11 ~ 2010.05.11 Nanovie Co. Ltd.
2009 Electrical and Optical Properties of Assembled Nanocrystal Arrays 2009.08.11 ~ 2011.07.11 國科會
2009 Exploring Quasi-One-Dimensional Nanocontact and Zero-Dimensional Electron System 2009.08.11 ~ 2011.07.11 國科會
2008 Building a Simple Scanning Microscope 2008.03.11 ~ 2008.08.11 Nanovie Co. Ltd.
2006 Simultaneously probing, manipulating, and measuring electrical and physical properties of nanostructure electronic devices 2006.08.11 ~ 2009.07.11 國科會
2003 Periodically arranged nanocrystals and nano-deposition by atomic force microscope 2003.08.11 ~ 2006.07.11 國科會
專利名稱 專利編號 專利國別 作者
Scanning Probe Microscope with Its Scanner M356994 ROC Wen-Bin Jian
Electron Microscope , Methods to Determine the Contact Point and the Contact of the probe I311328 ROC C.-H. Nien*, C. H. Tsai, K. Y. Shin, and W. B. Jian
Electron Microscope , Methods to Determine the Contact Point and the Contact of the probe 7,435,954 B2 US C.-H. Nien*, C. H. Tsai, K. Y. Shin, and W. B. Jian
國家 學校名稱 系所 學位 期間
台灣 國立台灣大學 物理系 博士 1996.09 ~ 2002.06
台灣 國立台灣大學 物理系 碩士 1994.09 ~ 1996.06
台灣 國立台灣大學 物理系 學士 1990.09 ~ 1994.06
服務機關名稱 單位 職務
國立交通大學 國際半導體產業學院 合聘教授
國立交通大學 研究發展處 研發計畫組組長
國立交通大學 電子物理系 教授
國立交通大學 電子物理系 副教授
國立交通大學 電子物理系 助理教授
國立中興大學 物理系 助理教授
紐奧良大學 先進材料研究所 博士後研究員
年度 獎項名稱 頒獎單位
2015 優良教學獎 國立交通大學
2014 Zasshikai Lectureship Award 東京大學化學系
2012 優良教學獎 國立交通大學
2011 優良教學獎 國立交通大學
2010 第十五屆科林論文獎 博士論文頭等獎 指導教授 國立交通大學研發處
2007 傑出研究獎 國立交通大學理學院