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Video tour for IIT Dual/Joint Degree Program


    Dual/Joint degree program(DDP/JDP) is conducted jointly by two universities based on their existing programs. Students meeting the requirements and regulations from the participating universities and the DDP/JDP will receive recognition of the degree by both universities. Upon completion of the program requirements, students are awarded with two degrees, one from each of the participating universities, or one degree jointly by both universities. Students are welcome to apply Dual/Joint Degree Program at ICST of NCTU. ICST is the single application portal for all DDP/JDP applicants from IIT. Fields open for application includes all departments at NCTU.

India partner universities with ICST of NCTU

IndiaIndian Institute of Technology Madras(IITM)
  • Recommended by advisor
  • Reviewed by both universities
Dual PhD DegreeStudy at NCTU: 18 months
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK)Study at NCTU: 24 months
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)Study at NCTU: 18 months
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD)Joint Doctoral DegreeStudy at NCTU: 18 months


  • NCTU DDP/JDP Doctoral student: NT$ 15,000 ($500 USD) plus stipend from individual supervisor monthly.
  • Industry Sponsorship opportunities available additional NT$ 15,000($500 USD)-30,000 ($1,000 USD) monthly.
  • Research project stipend available during study at individual institution.
  • Additional national project sponsorship under individual labs/professors.


    Ministry of Education(MoE), Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), FICHET, TSMC, MediaTek, Delta Electronics, Nuvoton, IBM, Applied Materials, Synopsis, Micron, etc.


    All courses in the program, except Chinese language courses, are lectured in ENGLISH.

Course & Regulations

  • ICST-NCTU Academic Regulation for IIT DDP/JDP students
  • Requirements from NCTU:
    1. Course work: 2 compulsory courses, seminar in each semester during study, total 18 credits of courses completed in NCTU or partner university;
    2. Publication: 2 SCI paper published or equivalent
  • Regulation and requirements for each participating department differs. For further inquiries, please contact us.

Application for Admissions
Important Dates:

Course Begins
Fall Semester
Dec. 20-Mar. 5
Spring Semester
Aug. 10-Sep. 30

How to apply

Admission Guideline


    Q1. I want to inquire about the process of admission and eligibility for this program(DDP).
    A1. More details about DDP application, please refer to the admission guideline.

    Q2. My enquiry is that, the guidelines state that we need an English proficiency test score i.e. TOEFL/IELTS for the application submission. However, in India, we do not have these test systems and therefore do not possess the relevant documents. Thus, is there any other alternative to this?
    A2. Please refer to the web of Office of International Affairs(OIA) for all required documents.

    Q3. When should I start my visa application to visit Taiwan?
    A3. Once you get the admission letter(hard copy) issued by Office of International Affairs(OIA), then you can start your visa application.

    Q4. Which kind of accommodation will be provided to us? Does it include a kitchen as well? Since I am a pure vegetarian, I would prefer to cook my own food or if there are any vegetarian food points available at NCTU?
    A4. Accommodation at NCTU is provided by the Housing department of NCTU. Generally, for International graduate students there are dormitories(Hostels):
    1. Graduate Dorm 1, 2 and 3 and Dorm 5.
    2. Graduate Dorm 1 have 2 people sharing a room with not attached washrooms and no Kitchen
    3. Graduate Dorm 2 have 4 people sharing a room with attached Washrooms and a common Kitchen on the 9th floor.
    4. Graduate Dorm 3 have 2 people sharing a room with attached washrooms. Dorm 5 have 4 people sharing a room with no attached washroom and no kitchen.
    More information about dorms can be checked at: Link
    There is no issue with vegetarian food as you can find some options for local vegetarian food in and around the campus.
    If you would like to cook by yourself, you can do that.
    Apart from this, there is an Indian restaurant in the campus and other Cafeteria (Taiwanese/Chinese style food) providing vegetarian food.

    Q5. Hostel charges will be payable by ICST or from our stipend?
    A5. The fee of accommodation will be covered by students. Here is the FAQ for campus life including dorm: Link


    If you have any queries, please leave message on the link. We will kindly reply as soon as possible. Link
    Besides, you can check your needed information on the web of OIA(Office of International Affairs)


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    International College of Semiconductor Technology(ICST), National Chiao Tung University(NCTU)
    Tel: +886-35712121 #55915, #55903 / E-mail:
    Address: R301, MIRC Building, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan